Characters that would make you excel in life and destiny (Part two)

In the last article we looked at 5 characters that will make you excel in life and destiny, we looked at respect, humility, honesty patience and kindness as characters you have to build to be built in life. In this article we are going to look at some more characters you have to employ to succeed in life.


According to the dictionary the word empathy is being aware of and sharing another person’s feelings, experiences and emotions. You cannot succeed in this life without the input of other people, so as a person you need people to achieve destiny. Empathy can help you understand other people’s perspective; which will in turn foster better communication and this will lead to strong relationships that can help you achieve success in life’s endeavors. As a person that wishes to succeed you must always be aware, conscious and mindful of the feelings and emotions of others concerning any matter.


Self-Discipline is the ability of a person to consciously and carefully control the way they work, live or behave especially to achieve a goal or objective. For a person to achieve success in every life endeavor, he must employ the character of self discipline. It involves the ability to stay focused, regulate impulse and consistently strive towards achieving life’s objective. A person who subjects himself to self-discipline would find it very easy to achieve goals through prioritization of tasks and manage time in order to overcome challenges and achieve life’s vision.


Forgiveness which is the act of conscious, willful, and deliberate decision to release the felling of hate, vengeance and resentment towards a person who has offended you. Forgiveness is a great character a person should learn that will help him to achieve life’s pursuit and maximize destiny. Contrary to what people thinks; the act of forgiveness increases the emotional well being of the forgiver and reduces his stress level. You would observe that those who easily forgive maintains more healthier relationships that would help them to fulfil their destiny in life. As a young person you must inculcate the virtue of forgiveness.


Perseverance is the act of a person’s steadfastness and determination to achieve a goal and overcome challenges, setbacks and obstacles in the journey of life. Perseverance is crucial to winning in life. In the battle of life, so many issues tend to stand and stumbling blocks and this will take the perseverance of an individual to overcome such challenges and to win. Winning is always the end point of those who persevere.

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