Characters that would make you excel in life and destiny (Part one)


The word character has many definitions, and it is a word with multiple meanings, when someone mention the word character; what comes to mind is either a consistent behavior distinguishing one individual from another or a person that is being involved in a play or a movie. The word in this context refers to the sum of qualities that define a person’s moral and ethical nature.

The word character is the unique set of qualities, behaviors, attitudes, and values that define an individual. Character comprises of the habits, emotional reactions, beliefs and ethical standards of a person in a given situation.

People normally have the way they react to problems, pressure, poverty, affluence and different kinds of situation, that reactions is sharpened by one’s character. A man’s character has the capacity to open doors of opportunity or shut the doors of opportunity for a man. A person’s character has great influence on his family life, career, business and even the society he finds himself, Below, are some characters and how they can influence the lives of individuals.


Kindness is the family of compassion, consideration, and empathy towards others. Individuals that seeks to excel in life need the character of compassion towards others. Little acts of kindness like helping people in need of help; either physical, mental or financial is one way to get ahead in life. People that do not show kindness towards humanity unknowingly close doors of favour from them. People always have this believe that only those with money can show kindness, however, one can show kindness with disposition, words of mouth, giving helping hands and sometimes people listen as a means of showing kindness.


Honesty belongs to the family of truthfulness and integrity among human interactions. As a human you must learn the character of honesty in your daily financial, educational and social live; that character of honesty must be consistent day in day out. Half honesty is not honesty, character is what you do consistently and continuously, in your daily dealings in schools, hospitals, offices, at home and every aspect of human endeavor you must apply the character and virtue of honesty to excel and enjoy divine favor


This is the act of remaining calm in the mist of provocation, patience is the ability to stay in an unpleasant situation without becoming quickly angered or anxious. A person of patience must be a person of tolerance and understanding. Impatient people are very difficult to deal with, people must work on the character of patience to able to excel. In our daily activities parents have to be patient with children and vice versa, teachers need to be patient with students and vice versa, customers, bosses, clients, professionals and everyone traversing the surface of the earth for daily bread must apply the virtue of honesty to achieve and acquire divine visitation and well deserved favor.


They are modest and have a modest view of their own abilities, the white man says pride comes before a fall. Pride is the direct opposite of humility is the quality of being modest and having a low sense of self importance. For one to be seen as being humble he has to have the virtue of acknowledging his limitations and the willingness to learn from others; small or big as the case may be. Humility connotes the absence of arrogance and pride. People that want to matter in live must learn to be humble, humility is the key to greatness.


Respect is the positive regards for the feelings, opinions, right and boundaries of fellow humans. For a person to be termed as respectful, he must have the willingness to treat others with courtesy and consideration. Respect is either upward or downward, for you to excel in life you must respect all humans; big or small, rich or poor, old or young, male or female, strong or weak without prejudice.

People must know that character is what you do constantly and consistently, it something one does regularly, not what you do when it is convenient and when it is not convenient you look the other way round. As such people must endeavor to build their characters in order to maximize destiny and achieve

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