Month: May 2023

Healthy relationships in the church

Relationships play a fundamental role in our lives, providing us with a deep sense of connection, support, and fulfillment. Whether they are romantic partnerships, friendships, or familial ties, relationships offer numerous benefits that contribute to our overall well-being and happiness. From emotional support and personal growth to improved physical health and a sense of belonging, […]

Biography of Pastor Paul Enenche

Full Name: Pastor Paul EnenchePlace of Birth: Orokam, Benue State, Nigeria.Ethnicity: IdomaNationality: NigerianEducation: Medicine, University of Jos, Plateau State, NigeriaOccupation: PastorMarital Status: MarriedSpouse(s): Dr. Becky Enenche. Location: Glory Dome, Airport Road AbujaTwitter: @DrPaulEnenche Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche is a distinguished Nigerian clergyman, physician, writer, and television evangelist. The individual in question was born in Orokam, […]

Genesis 11:6

Here are 10 different translations of Genesis 11:6: The words “And the Lord said,” “Behold, they are one people, and they all have one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do,” can be found in Genesis 11:6. And now there is nothing that they plan to do that will be […]

Moses Bliss bestows brand-new automobiles on two musicians and a hairdresser who has worked for him for nine years.

Moses Bliss, an internationally recognized Gospel music star, has recently made headlines for his generous act of donating three brand new cars to his barber and two newly signed artistes under his record label, SPOTLITE. The gesture was one of his many ways of empowering young stars and rising entrepreneurs. The beneficiaries of the singer’s […]

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