10 reasons you must say no to sex outside marriage (Part two)

In the previous series we looked at 3 out of the ten reasons you should say no to sex outside the institution of marriage, in the present write-up we are going to look at 3 more reasons why you should not yield to the desire of the flesh to indulge in all sorts of immorality with a person you are not married to.

For you to avoid sexually transmitted spirits

This point might seem strange to some people until they understand the concept of modern yahoo, where young ladies and men are given the mandate to only have sex with ladies and their destinies will be pilfered by just one round of sex. This has been going on either you believe it or not, most young women move around with their destinies remove. I heard of a story where an occultist native doctor was telling his client to have sex with 30 women because those are the destinies that would make him reach but he said he will advise him to have sex with as much as 60 girls, because the stars of most girls have been stolen, however, the young guy proudly came back after having sex with over 70 women only for the native doctor to tell him that he only succeeded in bringing 7; meaning most of the girls you see around have been emptied by occultist powers. This trend does not only affect the female folks as a high percentage of female also drain men spiritually. You must believe that life is spiritual; and is controlled from the spirit realm.

Unwanted pregnancy

This scourge affects both the male and the female folks, but the effect is most disastrous to the females. It can also be in-form of unprepared pregnancy, which also have its own effect, the couple might be compatible and actually be planning to marry but pre-marital sex through pregnancy can make couple that are not prepared to rush it because of pregnancy. Married people that engage in extra marital affairs sometimes end up impregnating their side chicks thereby creating long time problems for themselves and their families. Though there are many ways people have devised to beat this effect; which includes the use of condoms, contraceptives, monitoring safe and unsafe periods and other means of birth control. However, it is pertinent to let you know that the only premium birth control is abstinence; all other means of birth control are not 100% guaranteed. Unwanted pregnancies have diverse effects; ranging from illegitimate parenting, forced marriages, broken homes etc.

Marriage because of pregnancy

This also is another reason why people should avoid sex outside marriage. Many marriages you see are contracted because of pregnancy, when couple are in a relationship and pregnancy happens, they begin to toil with options, to abort, to keep, to cohabit or to marry. In some cases the girl parks to the guy’s house to give birth to the baby and nurture it but before you know another pregnancy enters, followed by another and another. This cases are rampant, as a same human, you should make your choices free from pressure and all forms of intimidations. But one highest intimidating factor in choice of who to marry is pregnancy. It intimidates like hell avoid it.

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