10 reasons you must say no to sex outside marriage (Part three)

Previously in the part one and part two of this write up we educated ourselves about 6 out of the 10 reasons why you should say no to sex outside marriage, in this article we are going to look at the remaining 4 reasons why you should never indulge in the act of fornication of adultery.

It drains finances

The act of extra marital sex takes a toll on finances of individuals, people nowadays takes sex as a medium of “business” having different sex partners takes a lot of money from you pocket; more especially the male folks. You see young men sending transportation to ladies to risk their lives in the road to travel, paying for hotels, and other related expenses all are things you have to sacrifice to achieve premarital sex. Another area is most times when women take it they opt for abortion which is most often time consuming. Young people who intends to be frugal with money needs to avoid sex at all cost

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

There exists a number of diseases that are usually contracted through sex, ranging from HIV & AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, Hepatitis B and C, chlamydia, Herpes, candidiasis (yeast infection), Pelvic Inflammatory disease and a host of other diseases that are contacted through sexual escapades. Most young people leaves with these diseases for a very long time because of shame and guilt and they go about distributing it to as many people as they could reach out to. If you make further research one would see how sex is a major channel of transferring communicable diseases. Young men and women that values their health and want to leave in continuous health must make sure they stay away from sex and other sex related activities, until they meet their get your God ordained spouse.

Difficulty to break addiction

Addiction is a complex condition characterized by the compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences, it most often involves dependency on substances and behaviours, those adductors most times loss control and continue the character despite the glaring negative effect it has on them. Sex is addictive, premarital sex; extra marital affairs are very addictive in nature. People who engage in indiscriminate sex hardly finds it difficult to control themselves when they when they are used to it. Some young people have had sex that they have even lost their sex count. Please if you are not addicted to sex yet, don’t, it is very difficult to break. It is a virtue to remain chaste.

Endless repercussion

Sexual sin is one of the sins that has grievous repercussion. In fact the bible calls it sin against your own body 1 Corinth 6:18. Ask king David; his children faced the repercussion; Amnon, Tamar and Absalom 2 Samuel 13. So many repercussion awaits those that cannot control their sexual desires because it has a way to having a long-term and short time consequences  

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